About Us

‘Diaspora Select’ is an initiative from and for Indonesian citizens abroad. This site is a forum to raise awareness and knowledge of voters abroad in order to support the success of the 2014 election.

This site is expected to increase participation and help overseas voters to find out how to choose and know who will be elected in the 2014 Election. Let us take part in determining the fate of our country wherever we are because this is the time for Diaspora to be Voice !

The Diaspora Initiative Selected was initiated by Global Indonesian Voices (GIV) , an independent online media site with the mission ‘ Connecting Indonesia to the World ‘. GIV is actively publishing relevant news and analysis for the Indonesian diaspora wherever they are. More information about GIV can be read here .



Diaspora Select is an independent and non-partisan online platform that provides complete information about 2014 elections for Indonesian diaspora abroad to be able to actively and intelligently participate in exercising their voting rights, for a better Indonesia.



  • Providing information to overseas voters to participate in the 2014 Election, both Legislative Election and Presidential Election.
  • Being a leader in the presentation of information and political literacy as well as news about the 2014 election relating to the Indonesian diaspora.



  • Honest in the presentation of information.
  • Do not take sides with any political party or candidate.
  • · Open to cooperate with other entities (including legal institutions, government, community organizations, business entities, educational institutions) in the success of the 2014 Indonesia Elections.


Diaspora Team Selects

  • Ericssen, Director of the Political Desk GIV
  • Maulana Bachtiar, Chief Editor of GIV
  • Aditya Lesmana
  • Arvelia Yardhika
  • Biondi Iswadi
  • Cindy Suselo
  • Hannah Angsana
  • Harry Akbar Sutiono
  • Ivan Christian
  • Maria T. Wijaya
  • Michael A. Pradana
  • Rahardhi U. Pradhana
  • Stella N. Wibowo
  • Tony Sugiarta
  • William Suryadiputra


  • Dr Gun Gun Heryanto

Strategic partner

Diaspora Initiative Choose from global Indonesia Voices, strategically partner with various parties including:

  • Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Singapore
  • The Political Literacy Institute
  • General Election Commission (KPU)
  • Come on Vote
  • The Jakarta Globe
  • Indonesia Diaspora Network

For more information, please contact us via  contact@diasporamemilih.com .


Terms of Use / Disclaimer

The Diaspora Select site is one of many sources of information about 2014 elections in Indonesia. Any information downloaded from related sources and the editors of GIV shall not be liable for any damages that may result from a misrepresentation of the news. The information available on this site may also be changed at any time without prior notice.